Removal of Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are types of teeth that sometimes do not grow as they should.  That can lead to some dental problems like damaged teeth or problems with chewing. Wisdom teeth that are damaged or not grown properly can often hurt or lead to dental infections or periodontal diseases. In general, wisdom teeth do not need to be removed, but some people are opting for that procedure when they are facing other problems. If choosing removal, the wisdom teeth are much better to be removed when the person is young. This is because the root formation of wisdom teeth in younger adults is not yet complete, so the risks for complications during the removal process are much lower in comparison to older people.

The removal process of wisdom teeth is done in couple of steps. First the patient is sedated with local anesthesia. Then the procedure for removal starts and lasts for about half an hour. Then you need to recover and the recovery time is variable depending on the overall state of your teeth and your age. Sometimes swelling is possible, but it goes away completely after a few days.

When it comes to complications associated with extraction of wisdom teeth, you will probably feel some discomfort and pain after the surgery is over. This is because of the formation of blood clots in the tooth pockets. It is pretty common complication that can sometimes lead to infection, although not very often. A bigger problem may occur if there is a nerve injury after the surgical procedure. That can lead to denser jawbone and lip numbness, so that is why the wisdom teeth removal is more difficult and riskier at older age.

Removal of wisdom teeth comes with many advantages, but there are also some possibilities for complications and other problems. That is why you should always use services of skilled and knowledgeable dentists that have plenty of experience in dealing with this type of dental problems. If you notice some problems with your wisdom teeth, schedule an appointment with your dentist and discuss all options that are available to you. That way you will know what to expect and what is best for your oral health. Never leave dental problems to go away on their own because they will not. Your dentist can give you best recommendations regarding your wisdom teeth, so follow the advice and keep your teeth healthy.

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