Non-Removeable / Removable Dentures
The news of our non-removable dentures has created quite a “buzz.” Only  full denture wearers can appreciate how powerful an image this is. Imagine no more adhesives, loose fitting dentures or bulky material in your mouth. You brush like you have your own natural teeth. Also, it is a more reasonable option in comparison to a full mouth of dental implants. Please call for a free consultation and see it for yourself. Call now! 203.790.0111

For new denture wearers
Immediate dentures offer the best way to introduce a denture. The process is simple. The dentures are fabricated prior to extractions. The day the teeth are removed, the denture is immediately placed allowing you to:

1. Maintain Appearance and Function
2. Protect sensitive areas during the healing process
3. Begin adjusting to your dentures immediately.

The advantage of having an on-site Denture Laboratory is that it allows us to offer faster service with increased quality control.

Full Dentures / Partials
· Cast Flexi-partial - Flexible non-monomer material combined with bio-friendly metals for accurate fit and comfort as well as high aesthetics.
· Flexi-partial - fully flexible material for comfort and high aesthetics.
· Cast Partials - Bio-friendly metal combined with acrylic.
· Acrylic Partials - transitional partial made of acrylic and clasps.



Full Denture Procedure


Flexible Partial Denture Procedure


Immediate Denture Procedure


Partial Denture Procedure


Over Denture Procedure