Crown Lengthing

Restoring a tooth
To restore a tooth there must be enough healthy tooth structure to support the restoration.

If the tooth has been broken or is severely decayed near the gumline, we can perform a crown lengthening procedure.

By removing some of the gum or bone surrounding the tooth, crown lengthening allows us to access more of the strong tooth structure.

The procedure
We begin the procedure once we are sure you are completely numb. Then, we make a small incision and gently lift the gums away from the tooth.

We reshape the bone and gum tissue to reveal enough of the natural tooth to create a secure anchor for the crown and to maintain a healthy distance between the bone and gumline.

Last, a couple of stitches are placed in the gums to speed healing.

After a few weeks of healing, we may build up the core of the tooth and then prepare the tooth for the crown. We place the crown to cover and protect the damaged tooth.

This procedure saves and restores a tooth that might otherwise be lost, allows the gums to reattach properly to the tooth, and makes the area where the crown meets the tooth accessible and easy to clean.

Crown lengthening can help us save your healthy smile.