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There are many teenagers who can tell you just what orthodontics means. However, if you want a specific definition, the word "orthodontics" translates almost perfectly as "tooth straighten." Of course, this means that the practice of orthodontics refers to helping to straighten teeth through braces or another apparatus. Orthodontics is often used on teenagers simply because this is often the easiest time to get a straight smile, while the person is still young. However, more and more adults are choosing to straighten their teeth.

When orthodontics is used to straighten teeth in youth, the actual time needed to straighten the teeth is much shorter than it is for adults. It also helps avoid future problems like tooth decay when crooked teeth cannot be properly cleaned. This does not mean an adult cannot benefit from orthodontics. In fact, adults certainly can. The process just may take a bit longer to complete.

There are several different choices for orthodontics and each patient who comes to our office can choose an option that will work best for them. The traditional option of braces is not quite so traditional anymore. The actual metal brackets on the teeth are smaller and have a much lower profile. Ceramic brackets can also be used and appear like the white color of teeth.

Another, newer, orthodontics option is Invisalign. This option uses clear retainers called aligners. The retainers are changed on a regular basis to slowly change the position of teeth to straighten them. Many people prefer Invisalign because the aligners are barely noticeable. They can also be removed so that the patient can eat and clean their teeth as normal. Invisalign is a great option for professional adults who want to avoid the braces look.

The practice of orthodontics makes it easy for anyone to have straight teeth, which will provide a better smile and will make it easier to keep those teeth clean and healthy.

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