Getting Dental Crowns

Having a broken or cracked tooth can cause many problems to a person. Sometimes one can even lose their damaged tooth if not repaired on time. However, there are good solutions for that problem. Today dentists can make quality dental crowns, which can restore your damaged tooth shape and size, as well as strengthen it so you can freely smile. Those that do not know what dental crowns are should know that they are artificial caps that look like a tooth. Dentists are cementing them on the broken tooth and cover their visible part. That way the damaged tooth is well encased and is protected from further damages. Your tooth then is much stronger and it looks natural.

When it comes to types of dental crowns, today there is wide choice of them. It all depends of what material they are made of. Silver and gold are frequently used in order to increase the tooth strength. Resin is another material for dental crowns and these are often used as temporary solution, because resin is not a very durable material. Porcelain dental crowns are used to match the natural color of the teeth, and usually people who have some allergies of metals used for making dental crowns are opting for this solution.

Regarding the procedure of getting dental crowns installed, it usually requires a couple of visits to the dental office. At the initial visit the dentist determines which teeth need dental crowning and at the second visit the dental crowns are cemented and checked. Dentists usually use local anesthesia when they install the dental crowns so the person will not feel any pain. You should remember that dental crowns are very safe way to give back the natural appearance of your damaged teeth. They can also be very easily replaced in case they are damaged. Getting dental crowns is very common procedure in any dentist office, so always visit your dentist if you are having problems with damaged teeth.

In case if the dental crowns are damaged then the replacement procedure is same as replacing temporary crowns with permanent ones. The dentist simply removes the old and damaged dental crown and replaces it with a brand new one. As you can see, installing dental crowns is not a complex procedure. It just requires a couple of simple steps for them to get installed. They are the best solution for fixing damaged teeth and restoring nice facial appearance.

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