Dental Cleaning and What It Involves

Dental cleaning is a very important procedure that every person should undertake regularly. As the name points out, dental cleaning involves thorough cleaning of your teeth. However, have you ever thought about what exactly does this cleaning involve? Many people that visit dental offices do not bother much about dental cleaning and look to finish as soon as possible. That is understandable, but in order to understand how your teeth are cleaned you need to make an effort and learn more about the procedure. Dental cleaning does not involve any pain or complex procedures.

Dental cleaning starts by examining your mouth. The dentist checks out your teeth and looks for possible problems like signs of tooth decay, chipped teeth, bleeding gums and so on. They use angled mirror and probe to examine the state of each tooth and also look whether there is some swelling on your gums or redness. The depth of gingival pockets is also carefully measured and examined for possible problems. If your gums are red and pockets are deep then that might be a sign for gingivitis. Beside the mentioned things, dental professionals are also checking your bites and look for signs of tooth grinding. They are also checking the condition of your tongue, cheeks and your jaw.

After all of the mentioned is done and everything is well inspected, the process of dental cleaning is about to start. The cleaning starts by scrapping off the tartar and plaque that has accumulated on your teeth below and above your gum line. Sometimes dentists use vibrating devices for shaking off the plaque and for more thorough cleaning. After plaque and tartar are off, they use a stream of cold water in your mouth in order for everything to be cleaned off your teeth and mouth. Cleaning can take up to few minutes, depending on how much plaque has accumulated on the teeth. You can help yourself a lot and prevent plaque if you regularly brush and floss your teeth at least couple of times per day.

At the end of dental cleaning your teeth are thoroughly polished with a special toothbrush. Sometimes they use abrasive toothpaste to make the surface of the teeth look smoother and more resistant for bacteria. After that is done, your mouth is once again cleaned with stream of water. Swish and spit, and you are good to go.

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