Cosmetic Dentistry and What It Involves

Cosmetic dentistry is not just about enhancing teeth and making them look better. In order for your smile to look good, besides your teeth, your gums and lips should also be enhanced to look as they should. Today there are several cosmetic dental procedures that can enhance your teeth and gums as well as your lips. Some of the things that cosmetic dentistry includes are teeth replacement and cosmetic gum surgery, restorative treatments like making crowns and veneers, color enhancement and teeth whitening, cosmetic orthodontic treatment and facial esthetic treatment.

With cosmetic dentistry your teeth can get better shape, enhance their color, and improve their size. All of this can be done through porcelain restorations and teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is one of the easiest procedures done at the dentist`s office which take less than an hour to complete. You can also choose to do this at home, but visiting your dentist for professional service is a much better and safer option. This is because you will get much better results. If there are significant color changes on your teeth, then you might need crowns or veneers done. With ceramic restoration your darker teeth can become very bright. Veneers serve to cover and mask the front look of the teeth and the crowns serve to encircle your teeth. Crowns and veneers are also very helpful because they can correct the form and size of your teeth and can close any gaps that exist between them.

Orthodontic treatment is another procedure that is used for straightening crooked teeth. The modern technology now allows rapid improvement in very short period of time. Orthodontic treatment include installing braces, leveling gum lines, straightening crowded teeth, correcting protruded teeth and closing gaps between teeth. Orthodontic treatment is also helpful for improving lip support and for fixing bite problems. If you face trouble biting pieces of food, then orthodontic treatment may be the best option for you.

Gum surgery is another procedure that is very important in the cosmetic dentistry. The background of your smile is represented by the beautiful pink color of the gums. If they are red then there is some kind of problem that needs to be fixed. Gum surgery can help in treating harmful gum diseases and for correcting short teeth. With gum surgery your gum line can also be properly leveled so you would get a symmetric and beautiful smile.

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