May 2016 Entries

Improving Your Oral Health after Going through Surgery


If you underwent an oral surgery then you might feel unpleasant. Different aches like pain in the jawbones and teeth, swollen and bleeding gums are some things that commonly occur after going through dental surgery. However, if you take proper care all the pain will soon heal. During this post-operative period, it is essential to keep your mouth free from infections.

First thing you should avoid is rinsing your mouth the first day after the dental surgery. Also, do not eat solid food, drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes for the first couple of weeks after surgery. If your root canal was operated, then you should also avoid brushing for a few days. Your jawbones may become stiffer after the surgery, and you may face problems with opening your mouth in the first week after the dental operation. You can try massaging it softly and gently, but never use force to open your mouth.

Your tooth may be covered with a pad in order for the bleeding to stop, so be calm and rest in the first couple of hours after surgery. During this period, do your best not to chew on the pad on your tooth no matter how irritating it might be. You may worsen the problem, so just relax and wait for the bleeding to stop.

Sometimes dental surgeries can lead to swelling in or around mouth. Swelling may be there for a week or even more, depending on the seriousness and the extent of the dental surgery. Remember that you cannot reduce the swollen place by applying heat on the spot. On the contrary, if you do that your swelling may even increase. Best thing to do is to massage the place with a couple of ice cubes inserted in a soft towel. This way, your jaw muscles will get back in their natural position more quickly.

In the first couple of weeks after surgery consume food that is soft and full of vitamins. Dairy products, juices, vitamin shakes, and certain fruits like bananas can be very helpful in wound healing. Also when you take food, try to chew on the opposite side of the wounded area.

Never use fingers, tongue or other things to touch your teeth, regardless how irritating your wound is. If you touch the wound you risk causing an infection that can lead to other more serious problems.


Things to Know About Dental Surgery


At some point in their lives, all people have to go to some kind of dental procedure. Most important thing is to be aware of the dental problems and not to avoid them. Sometimes bleeding gums or tooth decay may indicate that there is a bigger dental problem. Dental surgeries are not a taboo anymore and lots of these procedures have become a routine in the past decade. Procedures like installing dentures or teeth whitening are carried out very quickly and without any pain.  If you need to go to some kind of dental surgery, make sure that you know all the information about the dental procedure. If you are properly informed you will see that most of these dental procedures are very simple and easy workings, and they will help you in maintaining a beautiful smile.

Sometimes dental problems can progress to something serious, and this is when the dentists recommend a surgery. Some of the dental procedures include re-aligning jaws, removing bad teeth and removing gums. Some dental procedures are done from cosmetic reasons and some are done for correcting oral problems. The following are some of the most common dental surgeries and procedures.

Ø  Teeth extraction. This is done when the tooth is damaged and cannot be repaired. Sometimes even the patients demand extractions when their tooth is very decayed and it gives them trouble.

Ø  Removal of the wisdom teeth. These teeth can sometimes cause problems as well. They can be impacted underneath the gum line, and that can lead to some serious infections. If they are found to be the primary reason for oral problems, surgery is necessary for their removal.

Ø  Dentures are installed in those patients that have lots of damaged teeth. This procedure is usually fast and does not cause problems.

Ø  Removal of root canals. This happens when the tooth is infected. In those cases the root canal and the pulp is removed, so the tooth can be filled in. Every dentist can perform this dental surgery, and only a local anesthesia is necessary.

Ø  Jaw surgery. Jaw surgeries do not happen that often, but if the jaw is not properly aligned, the dental surgeon can perform a procedure for re-alignment. Most of the patients opt in for this kind of surgery in order to fix some dental problems and chew more easily, while other people are going for this kind of surgery purely from cosmetic purposes.

What Kind Of Dental Surgery Is Best For You


Many years ago, people were only battling against tooth decay. As the time passed by, dentures and braces were introduced in helping people with missing or bad teeth. Today, you can completely fix and improve your teeth and mouth through the process of cosmetic dental surgery. Anything can be easily fixed, regardless whether your problem is a simple toothache, yellow teeth, gaps between teeth, chips and anything else you may think of. If you have some kind of serious problem with your teeth, then you may need a modification or repair through dental surgery. Before you decide about that step, you should get informed when exactly you need a surgery, and more importantly what kind of dental surgery would be best for your teeth.    

When you first go to a dental treatment, dentist with thoroughly examine all your teeth. He will let you know about possible issues and will suggest you adequate steps. If your teeth are in relatively poor shape or their color is fading, then you can think about getting porcelain veneers. They are coverings that are artificial and that do a good job by covering the front part of your teeth. They are good in correcting the teeth alignment, their overall shape and they also make your teeth look brighter. If the tooth cracks are more serious and if teeth are partially damaged, then you may choose getting crowns. They do a great job in keeping what is left of your damaged teeth, and they are the best option if there is no need for the tooth to be removed. Crowns are usually made from materials that look very natural, like porcelain.

If you have some missing teeth or gaps, then getting bridges might be the best solution. Bridges are connected crowns which are put together in order to fill in the gap. However, if the gap is too big to be concealed with a bridge, a better option is to go for dental implants. Dental implants are surgically installed directly to the jawbone and they look like real teeth.

If the teeth are okay, but you are facing some kind of infection around them or you feel pain around the tooth, then you should probably go to a root canal dental surgery. With this operation the tooth root is removed and the infection is eliminated. Sometimes this can hurt a bit, but it is a much better option than extracting the tooth.


A Few Things You Should Know About Metal Braces and Invisalign 


Unfortunately, there are a huge number of people that don’t have strong, white and healthy teeth even though they were taking proper care of them when they were children. There are also many young people who should enjoy their youth, but instead of that they hide and look for dental procedures and treatments that can help them solve the problem with their crooked teeth, correct alignment and solve some other issues in their oral cavity.

The truth is that using a good toothpaste and toothbrush on a regular basis can’t improve the situation radically. In cases like this, you will need professional dental and oral health care provided by professional dentists. Luckily, the number of professionals who have experience, training, skills and qualifications to perform such procedures is not small.

These so-called cosmetic dentists will use the latest techniques and provide proper patient care in order to help people get the smile they have always wanted. For these professionals, even misaligned teeth are not a problem. In other words, if you have misaligned teeth that make you frustrated, you should know that a good dentist that has knowledge in the treatment technique known as invisalign can help you.

As you are probably aware, in cases like this, dentists usually use metal braces. However, this option is very difficult for some people because it makes brushing, eating, speaking and drinking a little bit difficult. In addition, metal braces don’t look attractive at least not on most people. Finally, if you are wearing metal braces you will need to visit the dentist’s office on a regular basis because the dentist must determine whether everything is going well.

Those who want to avoid situations like this can count on Invisalign. This is a very popular dental option and it seems that there is more than one good reason for that. Namely, invisalign use transparent, hard and durable plastics created to be placed on top of problematic teeth. With their help you will be able to put some pressure on these teeth and align them like they should be aligned. The best part is that you can easily remove and put the aligners again in case you want to eat or brush the teeth. Of course, you can also choose to leave them at home if you think that you will feel more comfortable on the event that you are planning to attend.

So, find a good dentist who has experience with invisalign and start fixing your teeth.