March 2017 Entries

Basic Tips on Dental Hygiene


Most people believe that they have the perfect dental hygiene routine, but they are wrong. The good news is that it is never too late to make some changes and keep your teeth healthier than ever.

Brushing your teeth in the right way

Brushing your teeth in a proper way is one of the simplest ways to keep your teeth clean and healthy. In order to brush the teeth in the right way, just put the bristles of the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle at the gum line. The bristles must treat the tooth surface and the gumline. The tooth’s external surface is brushed up and down and back and forth. Keep in mind that you have to be gentle and careful. The internal side of the gums and teeth is cleaned in the same way. In the end, don’t forget to brush the surface of the tongue and the mouth’s roof. This is where bad bacteria like to dwell.

It would be perfect to brush the teeth at least twice a day. Experts recommend using mouthwash after every meal in order to clean acids and bacteria.

Proper flossing

Many people think that flossing is not something that people have to do, but the truth is that flossing can save you from a lot of trouble. This is a procedure that is performed after brushing. Regular flossing can help people eliminate food leftovers and other dangerous compounds that can’t be eliminated with the help of a toothbrush. The bristles can’t reach these areas and mouthwash and rinsing are ineffective in cases like this too. Floss your teeth once a day preferably before bedtime.

Stop smoking

If you want to take proper care of your teeth, stop smoking right away. By doing this, you will significantly reduce the chances of developing oral cancer and different periodontal issues. In addition, you will eliminate possible negative effects caused by the chemicals found in tobacco like bad breath for instance. Many people use coffee or take candies to cover bad breath but this is causing, even more, problems.

Stay away from coffee, soft drinks, and alcohol

All these drinks are rich in phosphorus. This mineral is actually good for the teeth, but when there is too much of it, it lowers the level of calcium. That’s why these drinks lead to dental health problems like tooth decay and gum disease. In addition, most of these drinks have additives and sugar that are bad for the teeth and your health in general.


How can a cosmetic dentist help you?


The cosmetic dentist is able to perform a huge range of procedures to improve your smile. Both small changes in your teeth and major repairs contribute to the enhancement of dental health. It doesn’t really matter whether your teeth are crooked, chipped, discolored or even missing – the fact is that your teeth can be treated and there is more than one way or method to do this. The dentist is able to alter teeth length, reshape the teeth, close the gaps between teeth and restore worn or short teeth. There are many cosmetic dental procedures practiced today like bonding, bleaching, reshaping, crowns, contouring and veneers. We will now explain some of these common cosmetic dental procedures.

Bonding is a procedure that is performed to alter the teeth color. It is also used to fill the gaps with the help of a special material that has the color of your natural teeth. Binding is a procedure that is conducted in a single visit and the effects last for a long time. This procedure is more affected by staining or chipping than other forms of restoration. If the teeth are chipped or decayed in some other way, dentists today usually use bonded composite resins.


Veneers are another popular form of cosmetic dentistry items. They represent porcelain or plastic components that are put on the front side of the teeth in order to alter their shape or color. So, veneers are here to treat teeth that are actually deformed, chipped, oddly shaped, discolored or improperly spaced. Veneers are placed with our without anesthesia. They are used in similar situations like bonding.


No here’s an example of one of the oldest cosmetic dentistry procedures. Crowns, also known as caps, are covering the teeth in order to restore their previous shape and appearance. They are more expensive compared to other dental techniques and this is the main reasons why they are used when other dental procedures fail to provide positive results.


Bleaching is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures when it comes to teeth. This procedure helps patients whiten their teeth. The process of discoloration is usually triggered by the consumption of certain ingredients like the ones found in tea, medications, coffee and cigarettes. Today, the whitening procedure is extremely efficient and it takes just a few visits to the dentist’s office to get significantly whiter teeth.


How to help your children eliminate the fear of dentists


Taking your children to the dentists is a must because without this practice you can’t expect them to keep their teeth healthy and attractive. But, going to the dentist’s office can be quite scary for any kid. All the weird instruments, unknown environment and noises will make them a little bit scared. Additionally, keep in mind that your child will have to visit the dentist few times before they grow their new teeth. If you want to make these visits less stressful for your kids and for the dentist too, you should follow some of the tips that we will mention in this article.

Visit the dentist’s office as soon as possible

The best idea is to take your child to the dentist as early in their life as possible. In this way, your kid will get a chance to get familiar with the dentist’s office. They will understand that this is the place where their teeth are strengthened and taken care of. According to some experts, the first visit should be when the kid turns one year or when the parents notice the appearance of the first tooth.

Don’t complicate things

When you are preparing yourself and your kid for the first visit, don’t complicate things. Don’t explain the details about any procedure to your kid because they are curious and they’ll ask too many questions which will make them scared. Keep a positive attitude before the visit, but don’t hide all the details. Prepare them for small problems, but calm them and tell them that this is something that happens to everyone and that this is for their own good.

Choose the words carefully

It is highly recommended to avoid words like shot, pain and hurt in front of your kids. Dental clinics have staff that has their own method of preparing kids for the procedures. For example, instead of saying that some activity will be uncomfortable the dentists usually say that the activity will make their teeth stronger.

Role play

Another great advice is to play dentist with your children. Take a mirror and a toothbrush and perform similar procedures as the ones seen in the dentist’s office. Don’t get too realistic and avoid sounds and use of weird instruments.

Finally, avoid talking about your own experiences at the dental office in front of your children. We hope that these tips will help your kid get rid of the irrational fear of dentists.


Teeth Whitening: A Basic Guide


People who want a healthier and whiter smile should consider teeth whitening. This is a routine cosmetic procedure that can bring many positive effects. There are many different alternatives available to those interested in teeth whitening starting from products found in pharmacies to professional dental treatments. The decision you make should be based on research and consultation with a professional dentist.

Over the counter products focused on teeth whitening are getting quite popular these days. Toothbrushes, toothpaste and chewing gums are basic OCT products for this purpose. They are able to eliminate the stains on the teeth’s surface. But, the fact is that these products provide only temporary solution. They are not addressing the root of the problem. Of course, there are other over the counter solutions too like whitening strips and paint-on products. These products are based on whiteners that include a peroxide. There is no doubt that this is an inexpensive option that can lower the stains caused by diet or aging. They can whiten the teeth for two shades.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of OCT product for teeth whitening, you want to try – you must be very careful with these products because they contain different substances and some of them can do more harm than good.

The other option which is way more effective and better is professional teeth whitening. Thanks to the fast advance of technology, dentists today are offering different solutions to their patients. Let’s not forget to mention that these solutions can be quite expensive, but they don’t come with any serious side effects and they usually last for a long period of time. Almost all of these professional procedures use specific amounts of peroxide agents and a suitable light source for the best effects. People like these procedures because they are practically harmless and they can whiten the teeth for many shades (up to five).

Professional whitening is effective on specific types of stains. Experienced dentists are examining the cause of the staining and use adequate amounts of agents in order to make the teeth drastically whiter. In addition, good dentists know that some of these agents cause reactions in specific dental works on your teeth, so they are careful.

Don’t forget that in order to extend the effects of professional whitening you should use toothpaste and mouthwash on a regular basis. There are specialized products like this focused on teeth whitening.