March 2016 Entries

The Many Benefits of Dental Cleaning


Dental cleaning also known as prophylaxis is a technique used for tartar and plaque deposit removal. These deposits can be found on the surface of the teeth and the gum tissues. There are many reasons why plaque and tartar buildups occur, but the fact is that regular dental cleaning will help you prevent some serious health issues associated with these conditions. Now let’s highlight the most important benefits of dental cleaning.

Dental cleaning keeps your teeth healthy

Gum diseases lead to tooth loss and in order to avoid situations like this, we must rest assured that our teeth are healthy. Besides regular flossing and brushing, we also need to perform dental cleaning from time to time.

Protects our mouth from halitosis

In case your oral hygiene is not on a high level, you will soon start to experience the symptoms of halitosis or bad breath. If you are not removing the leftovers from your meals in an effective way, halitosis is not the only unpleasant occurrence you can expect. These leftovers create fertile ground for dangerous bacteria that result in dental issues and bad breath.

Contributes to a bigger smile

Dental cleaning will remove the leftovers and other impurities from every area on and around teeth. It is very difficult to cover all areas with your toothbrush and dental floss. On the other hand, dental cleaning guarantees complete cleansing of oral cavity. The final result is a bigger and much brighter smile on your face. What is even better, bacteria will have trouble to stick to the smooth and clean surface of your teeth for a long period of time.

Keeps gum diseases away

Gum diseases are especially frequent in people who don’t take proper dental care. Infections related to the gums will lead to tooth loss and even more complex problem if they are not solved fast.

Identifies potential dental problems

Dental cleaning can reveal the location of cavities and certain symptoms of gum diseases. An experienced dentist will be able to identify these issues and prevent potential dental problems. Instead of scheduling a gum surgery or tooth extraction, you will enjoy your healthy teeth.

Helps people protect their overall health

Dental cleaning is not important for your oral health. Every bodily system is connected and if one of them is not working properly, then your entire body (and mind) is suffering. After this procedure is finished, your dentist will give you instructions for proper oral hygiene that you should follow. 


Tooth Extraction – A Basic Guide


Even though this is one of the smallest parts of the body, the tooth is extremely important for our overall health. In case it is cracked or damaged due to decay or trauma, people can expect some serious problems. In cases like this you must prepare yourself for tooth extraction. This procedure should be performed only by experienced dentists. With the help of this simple procedure, hundreds of people have managed to overcome intense pain. In many cases, tooth extraction is the only solution for oral problems and in some cases this is the most convenient solution. This assessment should be left to true professionals. These professionals must be experienced, trained and qualified dentists that have already performed tooth extraction. If this procedure is not done in the right way, you risk even more complications.

There is more than one good reason why dentists decide to perform tooth extraction. The most common situation in which tooth extraction procedure is a must is the one in which the tooth cannot be restored. If the dentist believes that the tooth cannot be saved with any of the common dental procedures, it is the best idea to extract it. Tooth decay is one of the things that lead to irreversible tooth damage. A tooth that is decaying is a fertile ground for harmful bacteria and other microorganisms that destroy the teeth in order to grow and expand. Some of the results of their activity include sharp and constant pain and bad breath.

Dental trauma and periodontal disease are two other common causes that lead to non-restorable teeth. In case you experience intense pain because of that, then tooth extraction will spare you from any additional problems. It is interesting to know that sometimes the teeth are perfectly healthy, but must be removed. This is the case of wisdom teeth. If they have not developed in the right way they can cause infections and inflammation and their removal is the only solution.

Tooth extraction is great for cases of crowded teeth too. Two or four healthy teeth are removed in order to allow the rest of the teeth to develop normally. As you can see there is a myriad of reasons why someone would need tooth extraction and if you are in a situation like this, contact a reputable dentist.

The healing process is relatively fast, but during this process you should visit the dentist more frequently for regular checkups. 


Why you should go to the dentist?


Many people consider visiting a dentist’s office on a regular basis to be an unnecessary and costly practice. However, these people are completely wrong. Dental checkups conducted on a regular basis can spare you from many serious issues, pain and ultimately save you money.

One of the greatest benefits of regular consultations with an experienced, professional dentist is the fact that these visits can guarantee ideal physical look of the teeth. Teeth full of stains and yellowish teeth can ruin your self-esteem and self-confidence. On the other hand, dental clean-ups that happen once in a while will enhance the look of your teeth and help you keep smiling freely.

It is good to highlight the fact that the enhanced appearance is not the only reason why someone should go to the dentist. This practice will help you keep great dental hygiene which will result in prevention of many common diseases and disorders that occur in the mouth. Each dental checkup consists of detailed examination of oral cavity, gums and teeth. In this way, the dentist can notice the emergence of any disease or issue. This means smooth and fast treatment because the disease/problem will be at its starting phase. In case you are not performing any checkups, you can expect to notice the problem only when it becomes painful and this is usually an advanced stage that can be long and costly.

Regular visits of the dentist’s office will allow you to learn more about proper hygiene of the oral cavity. There are cases when you need to use different toothpaste or some medications and your dentist will obviously tell you about this. Another great benefit of visiting a dentist from time to time is that they can also detect some serious diseases that are usually not accompanied with clear signs and symptoms at least not before they reach some advanced stage. One good example is oral cancer.

Furthermore, these checkups gum disease is a very frequent dental problem that can be spotted with regular checkups. In its early stages, this disease can be healed easily, but once it reaches the next more progressive stage, some of the consequences of the issues you will experience may be irreversible. These regular visits to the dentist can also help you with plaque accumulation because dentist will notice them and remove them without the typical painful procedure. 


Avoid Your Fear of Going to the Dentist


People are usually afraid of going to the dentist. Even those people that regularly go for check-ups are often afraid and hope that the dentist will not find any kind of problem in their teeth. Even thinking about sitting in a chair and waiting for their teeth to be fixed can cause fear and make some people feel uncomfortable. Truth is that most of the people go to the dental office as soon as their toothache becomes unbearable. The intensity of fear is different from one person to another, but you can overcome this fear if you try some of the following.

 The best and easiest way to avoid visits to a dental office is to properly take care of your teeth. However, eventually you will have to visit your dentist no matter what. That is why you can practice some techniques to lower your fear of dentists and face the problem.     

There are some sedatives that can help you in relieving your anxiety. These sedatives are usually mild, and must be used in accordance with the instructions given by your doctor. They are good in calming you down, but you are also aware and you can easily speak with your dentist. In any case you should tell your dentist if you are using sedatives.

If you do not want to use pills or other medicines, another solution would be visiting a therapist. Professional therapist can help you in overcoming your fears and can present you with some simple techniques for calming down before visiting your dentist. With regular consultations and visits you will slowly eliminate the irrational fear of going to the dental office.

You will also feel better if you go to a reputable dental office. Ask for some recommendations and suggestions from your close relatives or friends about which dentist to go to. Usually dental offices that have many clients are good options because that points that those dental practices are well established and people trust them.

Important thing that will ultimately remove your fear is to get to know the dentist you have chosen. Visit your dentist regularly, ask questions about your teeth and seek advice. If you know your dentist well, you will feel much more comfortable next time you visit the dental office. Dentists are aware of the fact that people usually feel uncomfortable in their offices, so good dentists are doing their best to calm their patients down before the start of doing procedures on them.