June 2016 Entries

An Introduction to Laser Teeth Whitening


Laser teeth whitening is a modern dental procedure that belongs to the group of cosmetic dentistry procedures. It is known for its ability to provide fast and noticeable results. In most cases, all it takes is just one treatment and your teeth will look whiter and more attractive than ever. This form of teeth whitening is relying on modern technology and allows people to get 5 or even 10 shades whiter teeth. If you think that this procedure is brand new and you are skeptical about it, don’t forget that professional dentists are using laser teeth whitening for more than 20 years.

One of the reasons why this procedure was invented is the fact that the ordinary whitening method used before didn’t provide significant results. In addition, this method often led to side effects like inflammation for example. The main advantage of using a laser is that you can target specific teeth or even certain areas on your teeth. This means that the chances for a complication are minimal.

Keep in mind that laser teeth whitening will probably cost you a few hours of your time. Your dentist will first discuss about the areas that must be treated and prepare your teeth (usually by applying some beeswax) for the procedure. Next, you will be informed about the type of laser that will be used. In most cases dentists use argon laser even though there are few other options that have proven to be equally efficient. Argon laser is used to release the chemicals that will be applied on the problematic teeth before the procedure begins. Obviously, these chemicals react to the light and their release changes the shade of your teeth resulting in much whiter and more attractive teeth.

Once this part of the procedure is finished, the dentist will apply some fluoride. Fluoride is an element that makes our teeth stronger and on top of that it makes the teeth shinier. Laser teeth whitening is by far the most popular method of teeth whitening.

In order to get the best results, you should take good care of your teeth after the procedure is finished. The dentist will give you advice about the proper maintenance of your teeth and how you can keep their shiny luster and beautiful appearance. Of course, you can always take another procedure, but it is better to keep them shiny and white in a natural way.  

Complete dental reconstruction – a basic guide


Individuals who are dealing with serious dental issues can opt for complete dental reconstruction to get normal functioning of their jaw and teeth. Dental procedures such as dental bridges, crowns, dental implants and dental veneers are often used to boost the health, visual appearance and function of your mouth. Those who need to get proper alignment of their teeth and normal positioning of their jaw should look for some of them many orthodontic procedures.

Reconstructive dentistry includes several interconnected procedures created to repair teeth that were damaged, replace missing teeth, eliminate irregular bites, get rid of gum and jawbone damage and replace worn teeth. However, if some person is dealing with several teeth problems at once, complete dental reconstruction is usually recommended by experienced dentists. This type of reconstructions usually includes:

- Dentistry procedures related to implants

- Certain restorative dental activities and treatments like filling, dental bridges, dental crowns, onlays and inlays.

- Orthodontic techniques like the use of metal braces, invisalign etc.

 - Periodontal procedures including root planning, periodontal surgery and scaling.

- Oral surgery treatments like tooth grafting tooth extractions and root canal.

- Finally, neuromuscular dental procedures focused on issues related to the bite and temporomandibular joints.

Who should choose complete dental reconstruction?

People who have a few missing teeth; several chipped, worn down or damaged/broken teeth; deal with frequent back pain, headaches and migraine and tenderness in the muscles or deal with intense jaw pain are the ideal candidates for this type of dental procedure.

Since this is a serious procedure, many people are wondering what kind of benefits they can expect. First of all, this procedure will help you increase self-confidence because you will improve your physical appearance instantly. Furthermore, complete dental reconstruction will eliminate all dental-related headaches and migraines.

This procedure also improves the oral health in general because you won’t have to deal with issues like periodontitis, gingivitis, missing teeth and decayed teeth. The bad bacteria that dwell in your mouth will be eliminated too. Once the procedure is finished, you’ll get much stronger and healthier teeth with a stronger foundation.

Finally, complete dental reconstruction will enhance the quality of your sleep, your concentration and lower the chances of developing diseases and disorders triggered by poor oral health.

When it comes to the price, you should know that the final price depends on the number of dental problems you have and their intensity. 

Dental implants can improve quality of life


Having a missing tooth or worse, having a few missing teeth is a very difficult problem and can significantly affect your everyday life. The physical health risks may not be so apparent, but there are some psychological traumas associated with missing teeth that can ruin the self-confidence of any person. Numerous studies have shown that people who have missing teeth are usually more isolated and prone to social anxiety. They usually want to hang out with people they know because they are too embarrassed to talk to new people. Well, we can’t say that they are wrong because most people will remember them as “the person with a missing tooth (or teeth)”. 

In situations like this, people can always count on dental implants because they have proven to be one of the most convenient options to replace missing teeth. Obviously, they provide instant boost of self-confidence too. Dental implants were invented more than two decades ago and the basic goal of the creators of this dental procedure was to provide efficient, durable and long=term solution for missing teeth. Today, people all over our planet are using dental implants because their benefits are obvious. in most cases, people use dental implants because they want to restore their social lives and enjoy life once again. In addition, dental implants will definitely help them avoid any speaking, eating or drinking issues that were caused by the missing teeth. In other words, dental implants make people happy in different ways.

So, the advantages of having dental implants are numerous, but if you are still not sure whether you should use implants or not maybe you should learn more about how they work and what they represent. Everyone should know that dental implants are a much better option compared to conventional dental prosthetics. Bridges and dentures are less durable compared to implants and their use and appearance is superior too. With their help, patients can restore their attractive smile and won’t hesitate to open their mouth in any situation. What is even better, dental implants usually last forever, so you won’t have to visit the dentist’s office frequently.

Finally, it is good to mention that dental implants won’t affect the health and integrity of the teeth and other structures around them which is something that we can’t say for procedures like dental bridges for example.

Having a dental implant is probably the ideal solution for every man and woman that misses one or more teeth.


How Can Regular Dentist Appointments Save Your Health and Life


It is crucial to find some time to make an appointment for regular dental checkups. According to most experts, even if everything is fine with your teeth, you should visit the dentist at least twice a year. Don’t try to save money if you don’t have dental insurance at the moment because these checkups can save your health and life and as we all know these things are priceless. Even though most people pay special attention when they notice problems in different body parts, most of them tend to remain inactive and wait for the pain or problem to go away on its own when it occurs in the mouth. A visit to the dentist may not be an enjoyable experience, but we must realize that these visits are important.

The reason why most people find the trips to the dentist scary is due to the fact that their parents scare them with the dentist in case they don’t want to brush their teeth. Of course, these visits are not pleasant and you will probably feel intense pain when the dentist is trying to fix a cavity on your teeth and fill it. In the end, you should be prepared to pay a certain amount of money too. These reasons might cause doubts in some people, but the filling of cavities is necessary. Unfortunately, our teeth can regenerate and fix themselves. So, even the smallest hole in the teeth can become a suitable environment for plaque and bacteria. If these cavities are not treated in a timely manner, the situation will become worse and you will experience even more intense pain and some complications. Over some period of time, these issues will not be limited to the oral cavity; they will spread all over the body and even put your life at risk.

These are just some of the reasons why you should visit your dentists on a regular basis. If you brush your teeth at least twice a day, you use mouthwash and dental floss, your teeth will probably be healthy, but a professional cleaning from a dentist cannot be compared to your everyday cleaning. They have knowledge, materials and equipment to perform thorough cleaning. What is even more important, they can detect problems that are invisible for people who don’t have knowledge in this field. When was the last time you’ve visited your dentist? Make an appointment as soon as possible.