February 2017 Entries

The 3 Types of Dental Crowns Explained


There is no doubt that cosmetic dentistry is becoming more and more popular these days. At the same time, this branch of dentistry is expanding which means that there are new procedures that are introduced each year. Patients can choose different procedures to fix discolored teeth or to replace missing teeth. In fact, even if the teeth are worn out or chipped, an experienced dentist will be able to solve this issue easily. One of the solutions they are using frequently in situations like this is dental crowns.

To put it simply, a dental crown is a cap that is put on teeth. This cap comes with a size and shape of an ordinary tooth. Obviously, the main objective is to restore the strength, shape, and size of the tooth that’s lost. In addition, with the help with a good dental crown, you will be able to enhance the look of the tooth. When the dental crown is put in place, it will cover the entire visible area of each tooth. In case this process is conducted by a true professional, you should be able to restore the function of the problematic teeth to the maximum. Now let’s highlight the three most common types of dental crowns.

Metal crowns – there are many different types of metals that are used in the production of crowns today. For instance, many dentists use a gold alloy, palladium alloy or other types of alloys. The number of options is huge. For many experts, this is the best option due to the fact that you will be able to save most of the existing tooth. The placement of metal crowns doesn’t require cutting a large portion of the tooth. In addition, these crowns can resist biting and chewing forces and they usually last for a very long period of time. The biggest downside is the specific metallic color.

Stainless steel crowns – Stainless steel crowns are also called silver teeth due to their specific color. In most cases, they are used only as a temporary solution. So, these crowns are used while the permanent crown is developed. With the help of this crown, the dentist will cover the whole surface, keeping the tooth safe from damage or decay.

Porcelain/metal crowns – These crowns are actually made of metal, but they are covered with a layer of porcelain. They are made to eliminate the unattractive look of metal crowns. 


What Makes Cosmetic Dentistry so Attractive?


If you are interested in enhancing the look of your smile, then it is the right time to take cosmetic dentistry into consideration. The fact is that we have witnessed a rapid advance in the field of technology in the last few years. This means that existing cosmetic dentistry procedures are improved and in addition, dentists now use a few brand new procedures too. Keep in mind that your physical appearance is very important too. In case you still don’t know why you should use cosmetic dentistry procedures, keep reading because we will provide few more reasons.

We will start with the most obvious advantage – enhanced appearance. The vast majority of people want to look the best and this is exactly how cosmetic dentistry can help. This type of dentistry can enhance your look by helping you get an attractive smile. Cleaning of teeth, teeth whitening and crooked teeth straightening are some of the cosmetic dentistry procedures that can help you achieve this goal.

Next, you will get a chance to boost your confidence. Without any doubt, self-confidence is extremely important, For instance, an improvement like this can help you with your social life and encourage you to try new things in your life. A whiter and more beautiful smile can do wonders for you.

Even though we always say that one should not judge a book by its cover, most of us do this. The appearance is what contributes the most to the first impression. Obviously, the teeth are one of the first things you see in other people. Unattractive teeth will lead to a negative first impression. Many surveys have shown that a big, healthy, white smile makes an individual look neater, clean and even more professional. In other words, having good teeth will help you with your personal life, romantic life, and professional career.

Finally, cosmetic dentistry can help you improve not just your dental health, but your health in general too. The condition of your mouth has an impact on almost every other body part. According to experts, bad dental health can cause kidney problems, heart disease, diabetes and in some cases – cancer. Cosmetic dentistry is here to prevent such health issues.

Before you start some cosmetic dental procedure, you should take some time to find a reliable dentist. Ask your relatives, colleagues or friends and read some online reviews before choosing a dentist specialized in the field of cosmetic dentistry.

Why Using Dental Sealants for Children is a Good Idea


Dental sealants are used frequently today. They represent a relatively thin protective layer that is able to keep kid’s permanent teeth from damage and decay. The vast majority of children get their permanent second molars by the age of 12. It is a well-known fact that they are prone to decay, damage and wear. As you probably know, tooth enamel cannot regenerate after wearing away. So, dental sealants are here to deliver a protective layer that can help people stay safe against cavities for up to ten years. There is no doubt that these sealants can be helpful, yet many parents choose to ignore them. In this article, we will analyze some of the situations why parents avoid dental sealants and explanation why they are usually wrong.

First of all, it is true that baby teeth are temporary, but this doesn’t mean that we should consider them unimportant. On the contrary, in most cases, children are taught about the importance of dental care while they still have baby teeth. It is very difficult to develop a routine like this once your kid becomes a teenager.

Furthermore, we should not forget that most families have a limited budget, so they think that by avoiding a procedure like this, they will save some money. While the initial cost is relatively high, this procedure can save you a lot of money in the long run. It can keep the teeth of your kid safe from toothaches and cleanings.

Next, it is also good to mention that parents don’t use dental sealants for their kids because they think that they don’t look attractive. Let’s be clear – it is sometimes difficult to use a dental sealant that has the exact color of the natural teeth. However, if this procedure is performed by an experienced dentist, it will take a lot of time and close inspection to notice the difference. On top of that, this is a procedure that is usually advised for molars and similar chewing areas that are not visible even when your mouth is open. In some cases, the dentist will let you select the colors. In any case, dental sealants are more aesthetically pleasing than metal fillings.

Finally, some parents may say that this protection is temporary, but the fact is that the teeth of their kids will be protected for many years. The dental sealants can last for up to ten years.