February 2016 Entries

Cosmetic Dental Procedures and Sedation


One of the main reasons why people of all ages fear visits to the dentist’s office is the possibility to experience sharp and intense pain. It is not unusual for grown men to avoid any contact with dentists because of the fear of pain. Most of these people are trying some home remedies or use some commercial products to soothe or eliminate pain in their mouth, but the truth is that visiting a dentist’s office is the only option in most cases. The good news is that thanks of the advancement of technology, patients can now enjoy completely painless dental interventions with the help of sedation. They can bring back full smiles on their faces without the usual fear.

Another thing that’s interesting is the fact that many cosmetic dental procedures are covered by insurance companies today and even those that are not are much cheaper than few years ago.

If you take a close look of your teeth in the mirror, what do you see? Are some of the teeth you have a little bit discolored? Or maybe some of them are not aligned well? Some of these imperfections are probably known to you without taking a close look in the mirror, but you’ve been avoiding dentists because of the aforementioned feeling of fear and discomfort. However, even some simple cosmetic dental procedures can help you improve your appearance drastically. Having attractive teeth can bring back your confidence and completely change the way your face looks even when you are not smiling.

Cosmetic dental procedures involve pilling out teeth that are rotten or replacing missing teeth with dental implants. Dentists can also fix misaligned teeth.

In case you are involved in a work that requires contact with many people, then you will need to show your smile every now and then. Thanks to cosmetic dental procedures and sedation, this is something that can be solved fast. An experienced dentist will check your teeth and suggest some interventions. Now that you know that there is a possibility of sedation, you can calmly choose all the procedures you need. Before you schedule a treatment, it is wise to see whether your insurance covers these procedures and whether the chosen dentist works with your insurance company.

Don’t miss this chance to go through a painless cosmetic dental procedure that will significantly improve your appearance, oral and overall health. 


Dental Crown Explained


Dental crowns are caps that look very similar to natural human teeth. They are placed on top of a restored tooth in order to get its unique size, shape, color, properties and look.

A dental crown reinforces and keeps the tooth structure safe. They are usually used when fillings and other similar forms of restoration can’t be used. When a dental crown is installed, the tooth structure is completely restores to its unique look and shape.

In case the tooth decay is big and expands on the entire tooth, using a porcelain crown that fully covers the tooth can bring back the original function of the tooth. In some cases, dentists use gold crown, but this is a rare practice today.

There are many different kinds of materials used for the production of dental crown. The most popular ones include: resin, ceramic, porcelain, metals (in most cases gold or steel) and a combination of some of these materials. It is good to mention that dental crowns are installed permanently or temporarily and the type of installation depends on the purpose.

Permanent dental crowns are very durable and they usually last for more than 10 years. However, just like in the case of other forms of dental restorations, they will need to be replaced at some point. Regular dental checkups and adequate care guarantee the longevity of dental crowns. Another advantage of their use is that they look natural, so the wearer can smile freely.

There are different situations in which dentists use dental crowns – restoration of damaged or broken teeth, restoration and repair of decayed teeth or fractured fillings, enhancement of the appearance, replacement of damaged fillings and restoration of tooth with root canals.

The process of placing a dental crown requires two steps.

The first step is to schedule an appointment where the dentist takes a few precise impressions that will be used as pattern for the creation of custom dental crowns. This impression/mold will be used for the creation of a temporary crown that will be left on the teeth until the new dental crown is made.

When the tooth is numb, the dentist will remove all the decay and shape and shave the tooth to suit the crown the best. The second step starts after a couple of weeks when the temporary crown is finally removed and the permanent crown is placed. In the end, the dentist will recommend regular dental checkups. 


Dental Implants Explained


Those who already have dental implants know how useful they are. The use of dental implants is one of the techniques used by modern dentist to replace missing teeth. This is probably one of the solutions that provide the most natural appearance. The number of people who are interested in dental implants is growing because more and more of them are getting aware of the advantages of using such treatment.

The fact is that dental implants are not something new in the world of dentistry because they were used for a few decades. However, thanks to modern technology this process today is not so costly or complicated.

The process starts with the placement of a special root system in the same place where the natural tooth root system was functioning. The special tooth implant root system is connected to your jaw bone as a solid base for the artificial tooth placed on top.

What is important is to create a strong and stable root system in the implant. That’s why dentists use very strong and durable materials. There are usually two options – zirconium and titanium. Titanium is one of the strongest metals in the world and it’s also lightweight. However, dental implants based on zirconium are even more durable and strong. This is an artificial material that is superior compared to any other option, but it is very expensive. This is a huge downside for many people. Of course, this solution will pay off, so it shouldn’t be avoided.

There are many people who are afraid that using artificial teeth in the form of dental implants will make them look odd and strange. Nothing can be further from the truth. The artificial tooth that is place on top of the root system looks very natural and in most cases people can’t recognize that they are not your natural teeth. They are the best replacement for natural teeth and they last for a long period of time. In many cases, people use them for the rest of their life without any problems. So, it is no surprise why many experts claim that this is the best treatment for missing teeth. 

Those interested to get dental implants should consult their dentist. Once they have finally decided that this is the best option for them, they should look for a dentist that has experience with dental implants. This is a different procedure that requires knowledge, skills and training to be finished successfully. 


Is it a good idea to use a partial denture?


Partial dentures are often considered to be a less expensive solution for patients that have missing teeth. Their use is limited because patients need to have some remaining teeth in the mouth. Teeth, tissues and/or implant tissue combination are the things that support partial dentures. They usually come in two different versions – removable partial dentures and fixed partial dentures.

The number of healthy teeth you have will help the dentist find out whether you will need fixed or removable partial denture. Removable dentures are kept in the same spot with the help of metal clasps that are tightened around existing crowns or teeth and they can easily be removed for cleaning and washing. On the other hand, fixed partial dentures are held in place with dental crowns placed over the remaining teeth or right under the gum with implants.

There are many different materials used for the production of partial dentures – full acrylic, full metal, combination of metal and acrylic, thermoplastic nylon material etc. There are many factors that contribute to the selection of adequate material and the type of dentures is one of them (fixed or removable). Generally speaking, removable partial dentures can be designed from any of the four aforementioned materials. According to many experts, the thermoplastic nylon material is the best option because It provides ultimate comfort because it is very flexible. The partial denture is made to protect the health of the remaining teeth and to save the proper structure of the mouth.

People who miss more than one tooth will find eating and speaking much easier if they use partial dentures. In addition, partial dentures can help people keep the original shape of their face and stop the natural movement of remaining teeth. This moving leads to some serious health issues like headaches, TMJ and earaches.

Fixed partial dentures are praised for their ability to make the replacement look more like natural teeth. However, this option comes with certain disadvantages too. For instance, they are costlier than regular removable partial dentures. In addition, this procedure requires cementing that will include parts of the healthy teeth too. The process of cleaning fixed partial dentures is more complicated and time consuming.

No matter which option you choose, partial dentures will definitely improve the quality of your life. With a good dentist, you can expect to get dentures that will look almost the same as your natural teeth.